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About Me

My name is Roland Stauber, and I was born in southern Germany.  I am in my mid-30´s and am married to a wonderful wife.  We are very thankful for our two sons (who are without any doubt my most photographed subjects).  My wife is from Michigan, and we are currently living here in Germany.

My interest in photography got more serious in 1994 when I bought my first SLR (Canon EOS Elan).  Today, I am still using a manual focus Contax SLR system with some beautiful Carl Zeiss lenses for my traditional film photography.

My Mamiya NC cameras don´t get used very much these days, they are more collector´s items to me.  In 2001, I also got my first digital camera, and for many occasions I really enjoy using this new and amazing technology.  But there is still something special about those old manual focus cameras which I really like...

Over the years, I have owned and used many different cameras also including a Mamiya 645 medium format system which I was using for family portraiture and wedding photography.

Thank you for checking out this website!

Contact: Roland.Stauber@freenet.de


Me and my Mamiya


My son Matthias with my Mamiya DSX1000 and AUTO mamiya/sekor zoom SX 90-230 mm lens (Olympus E-10 digital camera, October 2003)