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Mamiya NC 1000 Camera Body

I am not exactly sure when this model was introduced by Mamiya.  Based on the serial number survey it looks like the NC 1000 was introduced pretty much at the same time as the NC 1000 S.  There aren´t too many differences to the NC 1000 S model.  One obvious difference besides the name printed on the front is the missing film memo pocket (which can hold the flap of a film box to remember what kind of film is loaded in the camera since the camera has no window through which you could see the film canister).

NC1000_black_front NC1000_black_back

The Mamiya NC 1000 is only available in black, and there is no silver version like there is of the Mamiya NC 1000 S.  Another difference to the NC 1000 S is, that the focusing screens are not interchangeable.  There is a special part (called curtain) in the NC 1000 which obstructs the change of the screens.  This part is simply omitted in the NC 1000 S and, I assume, can also be removed from the NC 1000.  This information is taken from an original parts catalog from Mamiya for the NC 1000 and NC 1000 S.

The specifications of the NC 1000 are almost identical to the ones for the NC 1000 S.

Joerg Krueger helped me to find this picture of a disassembled Mamiya NC1000 on the website of a camera repair service.


Disassembled Mamiya NC 1000 camera (not complete)


NC 1000 camera ad from 1977


NC 1000 S camera ad from 1978