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Documents Related to Mamiya Cameras, Lenses & Accessories

Here you can find various documents about the Mamiya NC series cameras.  Some of them will be made available for download (for private use only).

Download of a Mamiya NC1000S brochure from Germany (WinZip file: 481 KB)
This is a 200 dpi scan of a nice little folded brochure about the Mamiya NC1000S camera.  The language of the brochure is German.  I resized the scans so they can be printed on standard DIN A4 size paper (approx. 75% of original size).  The WinZip-file contains two JPEG files.


Joerg Krueger´s Online Instruction Manual
This is a link to an online instruction manual for the NC 1000 S camera which was created by Joerg Krueger and is part of his fantastic website about all kinds of Mamiya 35 mm SLR cameras.


Cover of the English Manual for the NC 1000 S


Cover of the German Manual for the NC 1000 S

Parts Catalog for Mamiya NC1000 & NC1000S
I scanned this 32 page catalog at a high resolution and turned it into a convenient PDF file.  Unfortunately, due to the high quality and the many pages, the file size of this document is approximately 20 MB - way too large to be made available for download.  But I can offer a custom made CD-R from this document.  See below for details.

parts_catalog_cover parts_catalog_inside parts_catalog_page1

I put many hours into this CD-R project and tried to get the best possible quality in the digital reproduction of this very helpful and interesting document.  Besides the 20 MB PDF.file, the CD-R also contains all the individual 300 dpi scans (as uncompressed TIFF and high quality JPEG files) as well as the complete document as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.  The CD-R contains a total of almost 180 MB of data.

The CD-R also comes with a nice cover reproducing the original document as best as possible (see picture below).  I really think that this CD-R has much more to offer than the original printed version.  The PDF file format is extremely convenient.  It lets you access the individual pages of the catalog very quickly.  You won´t be disappointed by the stunning quality.


The price of the CD includes packaging & shipping within Europe or to the U.S./Canada.

Price:  20 Euros/US$
Status:  available on request

Below you can see a screen shot of the PDF file opened with Acrobat Reader.  You can navigate through the document very quickly using the icons on the left.  This CD is really a pleasure to use.


A screen shot from Acrobat Reader of the PDF file containing the complete Parts Catalog for Mamiya NC1000 & NC1000S

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Download of Instruction Manual for Mamiya P-Mount Adapter (WinZip file: 500 KB)
Thanks to to Pertti Rikkilä from Finnland I can now offer a download of the rare instruction manual for the Mamiya P-mount adapter.  The WinZip-file contains a 300 dpi scan of both sides of the manual as a JPEG file.

p-mount_adapter_1 p-mount_adapter_2

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Download of Information Flyer for Mamiya NC 1000 S (2 WinZip files: 419 KB + 374 KB)
This might be the earliest document available on the Mamiya NC 1000 S.  This one page flyer is from the U.K., and the text on the back announces the new Mamyia NC 1000 S camera and its features.  At the end it mentions the expected availability of the camera: August 1977.  The two WinZip-files contain a 300 dpi scan of the front and a 200 dpi scan of the back.  To download both sides, please click on the pictures below.

nc1000s_flyer_front_small nc1000s_flyer_back_small

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Download of article from German magazine “Normtest Mamiya DSX 1000 B” (PDF file: 1.18 MB)
This is a test report on the Mamiya DSX 1000 B from the German photography magazine “Color Foto” (edition 6-76).  It is in German and has some detailed information on the camera body (no lens information).  The Mamiya DSX 1000 B did quite well in this test.

ColorFoto 6-76

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Download of a “mamiya/sekor 1000DTL F1.4” brochure (PDF file: 1.02 MB)
This is a brochure dedicated to the mamiya/sekor 1000DTL with the large aperture 55 mm F1.4 lens.  The flyers shows the silver and the black version of the 1000 DTL.  It is in three languages: English, German, and French.  There is no year printed on the flyer, but I assume it is from 1968 or 1969.

brochure_1000dtl_1_small brochure_1000dtl_2_small

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