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Links Related to Mamiya 35 mm Cameras

Ron Herron´s “Mamiya 35 mm Homepage”
Simply the best and most comprehensive source on the web for Mamiya 35 mm cameras.

Joerg Krueger´s “The Mamiya 35 mm SLR Homepage”
Another Mamiya enthusiast and a very good source of information for Mamiya 35 mm SLR cameras.  His website was the first one to feature information on a wide range of Mamiya 35 mm cameras.  His homepage was the starting spark for my website.

Michael Butkus´ Online Manual for “Mamiya NC1000/NC1000s”
Michael Butkus´ Online Manual for “Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL”
These are new online manuals for these two Mamiya cameras and they are very detailed and well made.  They include all the pictures of each manual in very good quality.  They take a while to load the complete page, but it is really worth it.  There is also an online manual available at his website for the Mamiya ZE-X.

Joerg Mueck´s “Fan site to the Mamiya ZE - System”
This fantastic and new website is completely dedicated to the Mamiya Z series cameras (ZE, ZE-2, ZE-X, and ZM) and is now also available in English as well as in German.  I once met Joerg Mueck personally at a photo trade, and I was also able to help him find a few rare lenses for his collection.  He´s a nice guy, and his website is simply outstanding.

Joerg Mueck´s “Fan site to the Mamiya Auto XTL”
Joerg created another wonderful Mamiya website, dedicated to the Mamiya Auto XTL and Auto X 1000 cameras.  What a great site.  So far, it is only available in German, but I´m sure he´ll have an English version of it up sometime in the future.  Don´t miss this one!

Paulien Brussee´s “Mamiya MSX and DSX Series 35 mm SLR Cameras Homepage”
This website has a ton of information on the wonderful MSX and DSX series cameras by Mamiya.

Steven Gandy´s “Mamiya Auto XTL Homepage”
You can find out about the unique and advanced Mamiya Auto XTL and X1000 cameras at this site.

Siegfried Staude´s Page “Fremdobjektive an Mamiya Kleinbild Kameras”
This page lists helpful information about which lenses and adapters can be used with the Mamiya NC and Z series cameras.  The site is mainly in German, but it has summaries in English as well.

Vincent Kocher´s Page “Ich und meine Mamiya 35mm Kamera”
This personal website gives and introduction to Vincent Kocher´s Mamiya 35 mm equipment (Mamiya Z series) and also has a nice picture gallery from his various travels.  It is only availble in German.

Mamiya America Corporation User Forum “35 mm Mamiya Cameras”
This official Mamiya discussion forum has also some information on their older 35 mm cameras.  There is now also a link from this forum to my website which I am very proud of.  It is good to know they support such private websites like this.

Pacific Rim Camera “Mamiya Hub”
This is a reputable online camera dealer offering a wide variety of used cameras.  This above link takes you directly to the respective online catalog for Mamiya 35 mm cameras.

Andrey Bliznyuk´s page “Mamiya/Sekor Screw Mount Cameras”
This page features information on the various Mamiya screw mount cameras and suitable lenses.

Current Auctions on eBay (USA) for Mamiya 35 mm SLR Cameras and Lenses
Current Auctions on eBay (USA) for Mamiya Lenses
These links take you directly to the currently running auctions on eBay (USA) for all items listed in the respective category.  In case you see a bidder or seller named RJStauber, that´s me.

Current Auctions on eBay (Germany) for Mamiya Cameras
Current Auctions on eBay (Germany) for Mamiya Manual Focus Lenses
These links take you directly to the currently running auctions on eBay (Germany) for all kinds of Mamiya equipment including their medium format stuff.

Philip Greenspun´s page “Mamiya 35mm Cameras”
Discussion forum on Mamiya 35 mm cameras maintained and moderated by Jim Mooney.

Discussion Thread on photo.net About the NC1000
This thread is not very long and doesn´t provide any additional information not contained yet on this website, but photo.net is such a great photography website that it doesn´t hurt to have the link here.  I also added a link to my website to this thread.