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Wanted Items Which Are Still Missing in My Collection

Even though I have been able to build my Mamiya NC series collection over the last few years, there are still some items I haven´t been able to find yet (or they were simply too expensive).

The following items are still missing in my collection:

  • Auto Mamiya-Sekor Zoom CS 1:3.8 f=50-135 mm lens
    (not really sure if this lens exists)
  • Mamiya Bellows Stand for NC Auto Bellows
  • Mamiya Slide Copier for NC Auto Bellows
  • Mamiya Metal Lens Hood for 28 mm lens (d = 49 mm)
  • Mamiya Angle Finder for NC
  • any originals of printed brochures about Mamiya NC

In case you have any of these above items and you are willing to part with them, I would pay a fair price for them.  Since I am a collector, the condition of the item is very important to me.  But even if the condition is not the greatest any more, I possibly would still be interested in the item.

Any offers are always welcome.  Simply send me an e-mail.  Thank you!