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What´s New

Here you can find the latest additions to this website in chronological order (most recent changes are listed on top of the page)

February 12, 2005

  • Ron Herron was willing to trade his nice AUTO mamiya/sekor FISH-EYE SX 14 mm 1:3.5 against the same lens in the CS mount (of which I had a duplicate), so I was able to add this little gem to the M42 Lenses section.  Thank you again, Ron, for this very smooth trade.
  • It is also a good opportunity to thank Ron in general for all his support (and answers to my questions) over the last four or five years.  His website remains the greatest source of information on Mamiya 35 mm cameras.  It even got better after all the recent updates and the new look.  What would we Mamiya collectors and users do without it?

January 16, 2005

November 1, 2004

October 23, 2004

  • I finally found the AUTO mamiya/sekor f = 28 mm 1:2.8 lens on eBay and added it to the M42 Lenses section.  My DTL lens collection is now pretty much complete.  I am not sure if an all black version of the 200 mm 1:4.5 even exists (it is available in a black/silver version for the TL series).
  • I also updated the Sears 1000 MX/MXB page with my own pictures.

September 4, 2004

  • I added several new Mamiya lenses and additional information to the M42 Lenses section.

July 22, 2004

  • I added the Auto mamiya/sekor 50 mm 1:2 lens to the M42 Lenses section.

June 6, 2004

  • I added a new Auto Weltblick 23 mm 1:3.5 wide-angle lens to the M42 Lenses section.

May 25, 2004

  • I added a test report on the Mamiya DSX 1000 B from a German photography magazine to the Documents page.

May 11, 2004

  • There is a new member in my Mamiya family, and I have dedicated a new page to the Mamiya Prismat PH camera.
  • I have also added a few more M42 Lenses.

May 8, 2004

  • I have added many new entries to the M42 Lenses section.

March 27, 2004

  • I realize I find less time to regularly update this website, and it probably will not change in the future.  This time, I made to many changes to mention them all.  Simply take the time to explore the various pages and you will find a lot of new information here and there.  Most changes were made in the M42 Lenses section.

November 2, 2003

  • I restructered parts of my website.  All information on M42 Cameras and M42 Lenses are now available in two pages.  I also added several new M42 lenses.

October 3, 2003

  • Wow, it´s been a very long time since I last updated my website.  A lot of things have happened in the last half year or so.  In April, our second son Markus John was born, and he´s been keeping us busy.  I also was able to find some extra items for my collection, like the Auto Bellows for Mamiya NC, a Portable Copy Stand, some Lens Hoods, and the super-rare Mamiya-Sekor Zoom CS 45-90 mm 1:3.5 (unfortunately not working properly).  I also added several M42 Lenses to my collection, and I also acquired a few camera bodies of the MSX/DSX series.  I made other changes to my website here and there as well.

March 21, 2003

  • I updated the Links page and added Joerg Mueck´s second excellent Mamiya website on the Auto XTL model.

March 11, 2003

  • I updated the For Sale page.  There is now a very nice silver Mamiya NC 1000 S available.

January 31, 2003

January 24, 2003

  • It´s been quite a while since I updated this website the last time.  My family and I spent the holidays in the U.S., and all together we were gone for almost four weeks.  I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year!   This website has now been existing for almost a year, and I have received many e-mails with nice comments about my site.  Thank you all very much, I really appreciate your feedback.  This site has had over 5,000 visitors and that is much more than I have ever expected for such a specialized website mainly dedicated to only one camera model.
  • Xavier from Spain was so kind to offer me his Auto Mamiya-Sekor Macro CS 50 mm 1:3.5 in exchange for some other Mamiya NC series stuff, and I am very grateful to him.  Thank you!
  • Igor from New York helped me to find the Sears Auto CS 1000 MXB which I was still missing in my collection.  That was very kind of him.  I plan to update the 1000 MX/MXB page in the near future with new pictures and text.
  • There´s also a new entry to the M42 Lenses section.  I was able to find the mamiya macro sekor 60 mm 1:2.8 lens on eBay.  This lens was originally designed for the Mamiya DTL series.  A beautiful lens which focuses all the way down to 1:1 without any accessories.
  • M. Karpowicz from Poland kindly send me some pictures of his Mamiya Auto Bellows for the NC series which I gladly added to the Accessories page.

December 3, 2002

  • I restructured the M42 lenses section and added a CZJ Lenses page dedicated only to the famous M42 screw mount lenses made by Carl Zeiss Jena DDR.  There are also two new entries on this page, the Pancolar 1.8/50 and the Sonnar 3.5/135.
  • I updated the For Sale page and lowered the prices once more on all items.

November 19, 2002

November 16, 2002

  • It´s been quite a while since I last updated this site, and I made several modifications here and there which are too many to mention individually.
  • I was able to find the Auto Mamiya-Sekor CS f=300mm 1:4 telephoto lens for my collection and updated the respective page about this lens.  The lens is in mint condition and  I can´t wait to try it out.
  • Xavier from Spain was kind enough to send me a picture of his Auto Mamiya-Sekor Macro CS f=50mm 1:3.5.

October 20, 2002

  • I added three new entries to the M42 Lenses section and I also updated the For Sale page.

October 5, 2002

  • I updated the For Sale page and listed some of the items on eBay as well.

September 29, 2002

September 27, 2002

  • I need to make room in my closets and therefore lowered the prices of all items offered on the For Sale page.

September 17, 2002

September 15, 2002

  • I have added several new items to the For Sale page including a very nice 135 mm telephoto lens.  A wonderful Auto Mamiya-Sekor CS 35 mm 1:2.8 lens in mint condition will follow soon as well.  You can contact me via e-mail in case you are interested in such a lens.

September 7, 2002

August 21, 2002

August 17, 2002

  • I added two new lenses to the M42 Lenses section, the Auto Mamiya-Sekor SX 105 mm lens and the Tamron CF Tele Macro 80-210 mm zoom lens.
  • Several new items were added to the For Sale page including a very rare set of auto extension tubes.
  • I updated the Accessories page with information on the Macros CS Auto Extension Tube.

August 11, 2002

  • I updated several pages of my website including some of the M42 lens descriptions and the For Sale page.  I also updated the Mamiya NC series statistics.  I have no data available for approx. 80 cameras which is already a quite representative number to make the statistics more reliable.  Thanks to everyone who gave their input and sent their camera information.  There is also a new entry on the Links page.

July 20, 2002

  • I have added a new page featuring the mamiya/sekor 1000 DTL camera body.  Please check out this new page for more details
  • I also updated the M42 Lenses section quite a bit.  There are some newly featured lenses as well as an updated description of the wonderful Tamron 35-70 mm zoom lens.
  • I found some new intersting references and added them to the Links page.

July 11, 2002

July 4, 2002

  • Mike Griffin - another Mamiya NC collector - was so kind to provide some interesting information regarding the serial number survey.  One of his NC 1000 S cameras with a low serial number (K145474) has already the new shutter control design.  Maybe the new design wasn´t introduced simply at one specific point, but maybe more gradually (using up old stock of parts in storage).  Or maybe his camera once was repaired due to shutter speed problems and the old parts were replaced by new parts.  Or somebody simply exchanged the bottom plate from a different camera for cosmetic reasons.  I will need more information on NC cameras with a serial number around K150000 to further confirm this.  Your input is greatly appreciated.
  • I have now enough data to start with some statistics, and I added one chart which shows the share of each model from the Mamiya NC series cameras.

July 2, 2002

  • I added several new pages to this website which feature interesting M42 Lenses (screw mount) which can be adapted to the Mamiya NC series cameras through the use of the Mamiya P-mount adapter.  I hope you find this latest addition interesting.

June 28, 2002

  • I finally finished scanning the Parts Catalog for Mamiya NC1000 & NC1000S with a high quality scanner (at 300 dpi for high quality printouts) and put everything together in one Acrobat Reader PDF file for convenient viewing on the PC and easy printout. The PDF file is approximately 20 MB large, therefore it is impossible to make it available online. For those who are interested in this fantastic document, I can offer a CD-R of this document for sale.  For more details please follow the link above.

June 21, 2002

  • I updated the For Sale page and have added a nice Vivitar 285 flash unit which I no longer need.

June 20, 2002

  • I was able to find another really excellent online manual for the NC 1000 / NC 1000 S camera.  It was created by Michael Butkus and is really worth a visit.  It includes all pictures of the manual in very good quality.  Please be patient when loading the page, it can take a little while.

June 16, 2002

  • I have added a For Sale page to my website on which I offer various items for sale or for trading.  I would also be interested in a Mamiya DSX 1000 B camera in mint or close to mint condition.
  • I also updated various pages of my website and added more cameras to the seriel number survey.  When you browse through the pages you will discover some additional things here and there.  Thank you for your interest.

June 5, 2002

  • Joerg Mueck´s fantastic website dedicated to the Mamiya ZE system is now also available in English.  I updated the link on my Links page respectively.  Please check it out, it´s really worth it.
  • I added more cameras to the serial number survey and I have now one report of a NC1000 camera with a very early serial number (indicating this model was introduced simultaneously with the NC1000S).  I´m still a little hesistant viewing this as a proven fact.  It is also possible that somebody exchanged the bottom plates of the cameras for cosmetic reason.  I´m sure mor NC1000´s will eventualy show up with early serial numbers if it is true that the NC1000 was also introduced from the very beginning.

June 1, 2002

  • Quite a few people have already sent me information about their NC series cameras (serial number, model, color, and shutter design) - thanks to all of you!  I thought it would be a good idea to start a seriel number survey, please see the NC 1000 S page for details.  I would appreciate any additional input you could provide, especially if you own a NC 1000 with a serial number below K150000 or any other Mamiya NC camera around K150000.

May 30, 2002

  • Joachim Pototzky - another Mamiya NC series collector from Germany - notified me that my initial assumption regarding the clue with the serial numbers and the change of the electronic shutter control with later NC 1000 S cameras was not correct.  He opened up his whole collection of NC cameras and e-mailed me his findings.  Joachim, thank you very much for your efforts!  Apparently, this design change was introduced much sooner.  For more details about this please check out the updated NC 1000 S page.
  • This website has now been up for three months and it has been growing quite a bit since I started it.  I have received many kind comments by e-mail, and I would like to thank all these people for their positive feedback.  In the first three months, this website had approximately 1,000 visitors, an average of ten per day.  This is more than I had originally expected for such a very specialized website.

May 27, 2002

May 25, 2002

  • I put several Mamiya NC series cameras and lenses up on eBay for sale.  These items are spares from my personal collection.  All items are listed under eBay Germany but are also available for world-wide shipping.  I can offer convenient payment to a domestic address (my father-in-law) for all bidders from the U.S.  Please follow the link below:

    View all my items listed on eBay

    I am offering these items at what I consider very fair prices.  Thank you for your interest!

May 17, 2002

  • Joerg Krueger referred me to another link about Mamiya 35 mm cameras.  This brand new page by S. Staude Fremdobjektive an Mamiya Kleinbildkameras is only available in German and is containing helpful information which lenses can be used with which Mamiya 35 mm camera using various adapters etc.  I have also added this link to my Links page.
  • There is also another new private website about the Mamiya Z series cameras by Vincent Kocher called “Ich und meine Mamiya 35mm Kamera”.  He uses the Mamiya Z series cameras for his everyday photography and he has also a nice picture gallery available on his site.  This site is also available only in German.

May 11, 2002

  • There is a new Mamiya website by Joerg Mueck available on the web.  This outstanding and very professionally designed website is dedicated to the Mamiya Z series cameras.  So far, it is only avaiable in German.  I have also added the link to this site to my Links page.

April 27, 2002

  • I updated the Accessories page with information on the P-mount adapter for M42 screw mount lenses.  So far, I haven´t been able to test this adapter myself.  As soon as I have any first hand experience, I will update this page.

April 23, 2002

  • Thanks to Pertti Rikkilä from Finnland I can now use M42 lenses with my NC series cameras (he sold me his unused Mamiya P-mount adapter for the NC series and also an unused Auto Mamiya-Sekor CS 50 mm 1:1.7 lens in the box).  I updated the Wanted section of this site respectively.  When I get a chance, I will add some more information about the use of the adapter in the “Accessories” section of this site.
  • Quite a few people have asked me if I have any CS lenses for sale.  I have some extra lenses and I will offer them first to the folks who signed up for the Mamiya NC series newsletter and others who have specifically asked me about some lenses.  Among these will be a 28 mm, a 35 mm, a 135 mm and possibly a 50 mm lens plus a silver NC1000S body.  Please be patient with me, since it might take me two months or so before I will offer them for sale.  I am planning to add a “For Sale” page to this website.  All items will be given a detailed description and will be offered at fair prices (I am not selling these to make any money, simply to help other collectors and users).

March 27, 2002

  • I added a new Gallery page to this website on which I will be posting various pictures taken with (but not exclusively) my Mamiya NC series equipment.  The first section includes some black & white pictures of my hometown´s harbour area taken just a couple of days ago.  You can download these pictures (for personal use only) if you want to.  Your comments are always welcome.

March 23, 2002

  • I was able to find some pictures of other Auto Sears/Sekor CS lenses and included them on the Sears Auto CS 1000 MXB page.  These lenses recently showed up in an eBay auction.  So far, I didn´t know that Sears also licensed some other CS lenses by Mamiya (besides the standard 50 mm lens).  If anybody knows of any other CS lenses which were sold under the Sears brand name, please contact me and let me know.
  • I updated the Links page with additional searches for running eBay auctions.  I realized I wasn´t finding all respective auctions before with my links.
  • I noticed that every once in a while it is impossible to access this website.  I believe it has to do with the freenet.de server.  Usually, the problem is gone a few hours later.  If it happens to you, please be patient and simply try it again a while later.  Thank you!

March 21, 2002

  • I added some pictures taken with the Auto Mamiya-Sekor Fish-Eye CS f=14mm 1:3.5 and the Auto Mamiya-Sekor CS f=21mm 1:2.8 lenses.  These are just some sample shots to demonstrate the field of view you can get with these lenses.  The pictures were all taken on the same day and, unfortunately, it was mid-day and the lighting was quite harsh.  Your comments are always welcome.
  • I also took test pictures with almost all my Mamiya-Sekor CS lenses and I´m planning to get these scanned with my film scanner and publish the test results here on this website.  This might take me a while before I have it finished.  All I can say is that the lenses really do perform very well.  Compared to a high quality digital camera (Olympus E-10 with 4 megapixels), the regular 35 mm film is still by far superior when you make the digital imaging technologies available by using a high resolution (i.e. 4000 dpi) film scanner.

March 17, 2002

  • With the help of another Mamiya user (Robb Cusack) I was able to get a picture of the rare Auto Mamiya-Sekor Zoom CS f=45-90mm 1:3.5.  The picture was from an auction which had just ended a couple of days earlier.  I might have placed a bid too if I had spotted it sooner.  It was sold for the reserve price of US$ 175 and the lens seemed to be in nice condition.  If the high bidder for this lens ever reads these lines, I would be happy to get in touch with him and get some more info on the lens.

March 13, 2002

  • Today, I was able to add my latest acquisition to my NC collection and I am very pleased with it.  I was able to get my hands on a Auto Mamiya-Sekor Fish-Eye CS f=14mm 1:3.5.  The lens is in excellent condition with basically no signs of use.  I can´t wait to try it out.  I have never owned or used a fish-eye lens so far, so it is a new experience for me.  I will also try to post some pictures taken with this lens later on.

March 9, 2002

March 8, 2002

  • Thanks to Pertti Rikkilä from Finnland there is now a copy of the rare instruction manual for the Mamiya P-mount adapter available for download in the Documents section.
  • You can now sign up for a Mamiya NC series newsletter.  You will be notified when this website gets updated and I will also send you other interesting information about the Mamiya NC series cameras from time to time.  Of course, your e-mail address will not be disclosed to any other party and you can also unsubscribe at any time.  Why don´t you give it a try and sign up now?

March 2, 2002

  • The first 10 questions and answers have been added to the Frequently Asked Questions.
  • There is now a detailed Nomenclature of Parts and Controls available for the NC 1000 S.
  • I added a link to the fantastic Online Instruction Manual for the NC 1000 S from Joerg Krueger in the Documents section.  I am still amazed by what he created out of the black and white copies of the manual I sent him quite a while ago.
  • I am currently working on a larger project to make a detailed Parts Catalog for the NC 1000 and NC 1000 S available online.  It might take me a while, but I think it will be well worth the wait.  I´ll keep you updated on the status right here on this page.

March 1, 2002

  • I added this page to give regular visitors a quick overview about what´s happening at this site.
  • The Lens Overview now includes also some information on the CS 45-90 mm 1:3.5 zoom lens. If somebody has a decent picture of that lens and is willing to provide it for this site, that would be greatly appreciated.
  • A description of the extension tube set was added to the Accessories page.