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AUTO mamiya/sekor  1:3.5  f=200 mm  Model II


This is an extremely well built and heavy lens.  This model II version is a little bit smaller compared to model I and doesn´t have a tripod mount ring.

Ron Herron´s Website doesn´t list this specific lens.  According to his data there are only two different 200 mm screw mount lenses by Mamiya, the 200/4.5 and the 200/3.5 (model I).  Both of these lenses have a different filter size of 55 mm respectively 67 mm.  This lens here has a filter size of 62 mm.

The built-in lens hood is very neat and has black flocking material on the inside to reduce flare.


4 elements in 4 groups

Angle of View:

12 °

Minimum Focusing Distance:

2.5 m (8.2 ft.)

Minimum Aperture:


Filter Size:

62 mm

Lens Hood:



735 g

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AUTO mamiya/sekor
1:3.5  f=200 mm
Model III

I saw this lens in an eBay auction and thought at first it was the well-known SX version of this lens.  Then I took a second look at the lens barrel.  The focusing ring has the fine metal grooves known so well from the TL/DTL series lenses.  The distance scale and the aperture numbers are also printed in the same color as the TL/DTL lenses.

So this must be the model II version of this lens.  Not sure when it was produced.  The lens doesn´t have the A/M switch like the other TL/DTL lenses.

This is not the only TL/DTL lens which is like that, there is also the AUTO mamiya/sekor f = 50 mm 1:2 Model II lens.

AUTO mamiya/sekor f = 200 mm 1:3.5 lens (newer version).
It looks lamost exactly like the SX version of this lens.