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Auto Mamiya-Sekor  FISH-EYE  CS  1:3.5  f=14 mm


This is one of the rare and hard to find lenses for the Mamiya NC series.  Over the last two or three years, I saw it up for auction on eBay only a very few times.  The last auction took place in March 2002, and this time I simply couldn´t resist...

So here it is, the latest addition to my Mamiya NC collection.  The lens comes with a special slip-on lens cap which says “mamiya/sekor” (not capitalized and using a slash instead of a dash).  The writing and font look just like that on the TL/DTL series cameras.

I tested this lens myself and the optical performance is very good, much better than I had expected.  It is already very good wide open and corner sharpness becomes also excellent when stopped down to f/8 or f/11.


10 elements in 7 groups

Angle of View:


Minimum Focusing Distance:

0.3 m (1 ft.)

Minimum Aperture:


Filter Size:

4 different built-in filters (rotational)
LB-A = ?
SL = Skylight
Y48(Y2) = Yellow
R60(R) = Red

Lens Hood:

- (integrated)


280 g (9.9 oz.)

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This is the slip-on lens cap which came with my Mamiya CS fish-eye lens.  The logo on the front is like that from the TL/DTL (also Auto XTL) series cameras.

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Sample Pictures Taken With the Mamiya-Sekor 14 mm Fish-Eye Lens


A view of downtown Friedrichshafen taken from the new harbor outlook tower on a relatively hazy day (f/8 and 1/250 sec, Fuji Sensia 100).  I used the built-in skylight filter (SL) to reduce some of the haze.  I will try to take better pictures from the same point of view when I get a chance.  The angle of view of this lens is just amazing.

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Another fun shot taken with the fish-eye lens.  I was standing much closer to the edge of the road than it appears in the picture (that´s why the car is driving  in the middle of the road).  Taken on Fuji Provia 100 with the lens wide open and at 1/1000 sec. to freeze the car (going 50 mph).
The picture was taken about an hour before sundown.  I didn´t manipulate the colors in this picture, just a little adjustment of the levels in the foreground and the sky after the scan.  I cropped the final image to a 2:1 ratio which seemed to work better on this shot.

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