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Auto Mamiya-Sekor  CS  1:2.8  f=21 mm


This is probably my favorite lens for the NC series cameras.  The angle of view of such a super-wide lens lets you create very dramatic landscape shots.  But it does take some practice to effectively use a 21 mm lens.

This lens is also extremely rare.  I saw it only once for sale as part of a complete set and that was when I got it (in absolute mint condition).  This was one of my latest additions to my Mamiya NC collection.

I tested this lens with my routine lens test and I have to say I was really impressed with its optical performance.  It performs really well and stopped down corner sharpness also becomes very good.


10 elements in 8 groups

Angle of View:


Minimum Focusing Distance:

0.3 m (1 ft.)

Minimum Aperture:


Filter Size:

58 mm

Lens Hood:



230 g (8.1 oz.)

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Sample Pictures Taken With the Mamiya-Sekor 21 mm Wide-Angle Lens


The central market place in Friedrichshafen (called Adenauerplatz after the famous German chancelor) with the City Hall in the background and my son playing on the new fountain (f/8 and 1/250 sec, Fuji Sensia 100).  The 21 mm lens has very little distortions and gives a great depth of field.


A close-up of my son playing on the fountain (f/8 and 1/250 sec, Fuji Sensia 100).  The lens was set to the closest focusing distance (0.3 meters) and the background is still quite sharp due to the fantastic depth of field you can get with this lens.  By placing my son right in the center of the image, his face doesn´t really look distorted despite the fact that he was very close to the lens.

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I took this picture of the “Bauhaus” style harbor train station in downtown Friedrichshafen (which is today the site of the well-known Zeppelin musuem) in February 2004 on Fuji Provia 100 with the 21 mm lens.  No adjustment of color in Photoshop, but I used a skylight filter on the lens.

The original picture can be seen on the left, and a little transformation in Photoshop did pretty much the same trick as a shift lens (which I always wanted to have but could never afford).

This shot requires the field of view of the 21 mm lens since I would have ended up in the lake of Constance if I had taken one more step back...


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