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Auto Mamiya-Sekor  CS  1:2.8  f=28 mm


This is the standard wide angle lens for the NC series cameras.  Most people who bought the camera with a standard lens added a 28 mm wide-angle and a 135 mm telephoto lens to their system.  That´s why these lenses are quite easily available on the used market at a relative low price (you can get a mint one for approx. US$ 50).

The performance of this lens is quite good, pretty standard for a 28 mm lens from a reputable manufacturer such as Mamiya.  Nothing really exciting but very useable.  Corner sharpness could be a little bit better even stopped down.  Sharpness in the center and contrast are very good.

Overall, it doesn´t perform quite as good as the 21 mm lens which is very surprising.


8 elements in 7 groups

Angle of View:


Minimum Focusing Distance:

0.3 m (1 ft.)

Minimum Aperture:


Filter Size:

49 mm

Lens Hood:



170 g (6.0 oz.)

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Auto Sears/Sekor  CS  1:2.8  f=28 mm


Pictured left is the same lens licensed by Sears under the designation Auto Sears/Sekor CS 1:2.8 28 mm.  The only differences are the color of the printing and the structure of the rubber material used for the focusing ring.  The structure on this Sears lens is about the same as it was used for the mamiya/sekor SX lenses for the Mamiya MSX/DSX series cameras.

I was able to find this lens a little while ago on eBay for a reasonable price and thought it was worth to be added to the collection.

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